Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, which may not have been answered on our other pages, see On the Day for details on what is going to happen on the day.

1. Can anyone participate?
Yes, all level of cyclists over-16 are welcome, we cater for both experienced and novice cyclists by providing two routes: a 70km route and a 45km route. You will be well looked after on the road with marshals, first aid, back up vehicles etc. etc.  If you aged between 16 and 18, then please ensure you bring a parental consent form on the day.

2. What if I break down?
On course mechanics will help you (tubes and basic repairs at no cost to you) or the back-up vehicle will bring you home.

3. What time does it start?
We are going to have a controlled group start at 10.00am and it WILL START ON TIME. Cyclists may leave before this time but we cannot guarantee back up services for them.

4. Are the roads closed?
Roads are not closed and all cyclists must obey the rules of the road.

5. Is there a time limit?
Not really, but we expect all participants to be back at Ballyfinnane by 2.00pm at latest (all the marshals will have 4 hours done by then so respect their day also).

6. How can I register?
Registration is on the morning from 8.00 to 9.45 at Ballyfinnane Community Hall. NOBODY will be permitted to join the cycle unless registered, as they will not be covered by insurance.

7. Will there be refreshments?
Yes of course at Ballyfinnane (start and finish) and at Camp on 72Km route, 45Km route location to be defined.

8. Where do I go to sign in on the day?
Sign-on is taking place in Ballyfinnane Community Hall.  See the map on the "On the Day" page.
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